Hayden Valley Foods

Hayden Valley Foods, Inc.

A Healthy Hint From Hayden Valley Foods, Inc.

Healthy Food Expo Florida (HFEF): How long have you been in business and what does your company specialize in?

Hayden Valley Foods, Inc. (HVFI): We have been in business for over 30 years.  We specialize in nuts, snacks, and chocolate and Yogurt covered products.


(HFEF): What is your most popular product to date?

(HVFI): Our most popular item is our Yogurt Pretzels, but our Probiotic Trail Mixes have been a huge success in both our brand as well as private brands around the country.


(HFEF): Do you have any new products you will be featuring at Healthy Food Expo West?

(HVFI): Yes, we will be highlighting our new Chickpea items.  We have two new retail bags with seasoned chickpeas and two with Chickpea centric mixes.


(HFEF): Are you seeing any trends in the food industry?

(HVFI): Customers are looking for cleaner, healthier items, but still crave the traditional candy and snack items.


(HFEF): What drew you to exhibit at Healthy Food Expo West?

(HVFI): We have participated in the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Show and the International New York Foodservice show for a few years now.  We wanted to give this event a chance and the representative from Urban Expo suggested the Healthy Food Expo.


(HFEF): What’s your favorite healthy meal?

(HVFI): Grilled Salmon, Long Grain Wild Rice and Steamed Broccoli