AllerTrain Training Workshop


Monday, March 4, 2019, 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM, Room 1D04

AllerTrain is an ANSI accredited, manager level, food allergy and gluten-free training course. The course teaches food service professionals about the top foods causing food allergies, proper protocol for preparing food to avoid cross-contact and how to better serve diners with special dietary needs. Also covered are recommendations for policy implementation and information on current legislation. This training will help restaurants take steps to better handle gluten-free requests, avoid food allergy related incidents, and prepare them to handle such incidents, should they occur.


Meet Your Instructor...

Meet Your Instructor...

Ally Biernat is the manager for Kitchens with Confidence by MenuTrinfo, LLC. In her current position, she conducts audits for allergy and gluten free certifications, manage clients monthly and quarterly reports, and works with clients to develop allergy free best practices. Additionally, Ally is a proud Certified Master Trainer who supports MenuTrinfo’s nutrition and AllerTrain education departments. Ally has been a strong leader in the development of MenuTrinfo’s ANSI accredited food handler safety course that recently launched in the country. Ally earned a B.S, in nutrition and food science from Colorado State University.


Registration is required. 
Early bird rate is $59 on or before February 2, 2019. 
On February 3, 2019 rates will increase to $79. Register early and save! 

*Please note that purchase of this workshop includes complimentary access to the Education Program and Show Floor. 

This course does include a test at the end to earn certification.